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The Darkest Lies

So, this is my first attempt at story making w/ the Sims. Hopefully it goes over well. I took the idea and based it *very* loosely on a couple stories I'd written previously. Since I keep simming my fave characters, I figured why not?  Just ignore the evil plumbob in a couple of the pics. :)

Mina stood at the office window several moments after Rob left the building. He'd made his customary offer, only to have her turn him down yet again. This made her feel morose and sick hearted. He made her feel a myriad of emotions when he was near, but she knew it would be a mistake to succumb to her desires. 

She still hadn't decided if she should tell him the real reason she kept turning him down. They'd been best friends since she'd moved to Paradise and to tell the truth now might end their friendship. She'd given him one lame excuse after another, relying on the one where she doesn't believe in dating friends or co-workers, but she was certain he was beginning to see through it. 

Trying in vain to wipe the memory of Rob's dispirited face from her memory, she returned to her desk. A little attention was needed on the case she'd nearly wrapped up. This one had consisted of long, brain numbing hours of sitting on her ass in a rental car and hours on top of hours of surveillance with no human contact whatsoever. Mina was appalled by this type work. She thrived on cases involving sleuth work, foot chases and the occassional shooting of the gun. As long as she wasn't the one getting shot at, that is. 

Over the monotone of the television tucked away in the corner, she thought she heard the click-click of someone's shoes. A slight grin played across her face. Perhaps Rob had come back to attempt to coax her away with him again. 

Mina: "Did you forget something?" 

The grin fell from her face when she looked up. A tall, creeping shadow came into view. 

Greylin:  "Whilhelmina." 

Mina froze in indecision. No one that she was aware of knew her full given name. 

The man's threatening form drew closer. The slight buzz in Mina's brain would be of no help and she immediately shut her mind off from the sound. 

Greylin: "It's of no use to try and read me." 

Great, she thought, he knows about my abilities. Goody for him. What he probably didn't know was that she had no control over this particular one. She never knew when a thought would filter through, they just did. 

Mina: "I'm sorry, the agency is closed." 

The stranger continued to drift toward her. He was ghostly thin and pale as death. His dull concrete colored eyes tried to hold hers, but she shifted her gaze away just in time. She knew what he was and wasn't stupid enough to try and lock gazes again. She didn't know if he could actually entrap her, but she also wasn't willing to try. 

Greylin: "I didn't mean to frighten you, child." 

His voice was dark and syrupy in an accent that didn't immediately gain her recognition. His voice held a strong undercurrent of something dark and sinister, much like a sneering bully coaxing a reluctant child to come closer. Mina was more than certain he was lying through his fangs.

Mina: "The agency closed hours ago, as it states very clearly on the door. If you'd like to come back during regular business hours tomorrow, I'd be happy to help you." 

She slid her hand toward the drawer she kept her gun in and hoped he hadn't noticed the movement. 

Greylin: "You may call me Greylin."

Quite gracefully, he moved the the chairs in front of her desk and sank onto one. He wasn't the first vampire Mina had seen or dealt with. Even so, she felt as though she'd been socked in the gut when she realized why his name rang a bell. 

Mina: "You're a member of the Council of Elders."  

She wasn't exactly asking, just pulling dumb facts out of the air. 

He laid his long, thin fingers on the desk and smiled with amazingly sharp teeth. 
Greylin: "That is correct, Wilhelmina." 

Mina: "Look, Mr. Greylin, I've had an extremely long day. If it's not too much of a bother, state your case so I can get the hell out of here." 

Greylin: "Wilhelmina." 

Mina: "Stop calling me that! My name is Mina." 

She had dropped the longer, weirder name years ago and didn't appreciate anyone calling her by it. Especially Mr. Creepy Vampire. 

Greylin:  "Fine, Mina. I've come to seek your help with a Council project." 

Mina: "Mr. Greylin, my caseload is outstanding at the moment. I'm afraid I won't be able to help you after all." 

Greylin: "Tell me, are you always this rude? Or am I receiving special treatment because of what I am?" 

Mina:  "If you want special treatment, grow yourself a personality." 

His face became pinched with anger.

Mina:  "How do you expect me to treat you? You show up after hours, scare the shit out of me, and you still haven't told me exactly what it is you want." 

A dangerous smile twisted his lips as he nodded. It reminded her of a demented bobble head doll. Had he noticed her hand inching back to the gun drawer? As though he'd read her mind, his grey gaze flicked toward it and he smiled again. Of course, she knew he couldn't read her mind. No vampire she'd ever come across could. She guessed it was fair since she couldn't read theirs either. 

He stood and she mimicked his action. 

Mina: "Why would the Council need my help?" 

Greylin: "Because we know what you are. We know about the secret you've been hiding all these years. It makes you one of us." 

Mina: "I'm nothing like you!" 

Greylin: "We've kept track of you. We were alerted when you were born and for the past twenty-three years, we've been observing you. But even the timeless grow restless, Mina. We want help with an experiment." 

Mina" "What?"

Greylin: "Certain elders think you are very valuable to us. They think your blood will give them certain abilities we lack. It is the only reason you haven't been destroyed." 

Mina:  "I think not. I'm not interested in being a guinea pig."

Greylin: "For now, they are asking. Do not make the mistake of thinking they'll forever be patient. There are certain members that do not wish to harm you yet, in case your blood does prove useful." 

Mina: "And what do you think?" 

Greylin: "Alive or dead, you mean nothing to me." 

Mina: "What do they hope to accomplish by taking my blood? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard." 

Greylin: "They envy you because you are only half. You can walk in the sun while we cannot. We want to become daywalkers like you." 

Mina snorted with shaky laughter. She'd never so much as donated blood. She certainly wouldn't agree to just give it to a bunch of damned blood suckers.

Mina: "You can't actually believe that drinking my blood will change anything."

Greylin:  "No one said anything about drinking from you. Your unique blood is too valuable to waste, child. Do you realize you're the only half-blood there is?" 

Mina: "My blood isn't valuable. It's a curse." 

Greylin: "Haven't you ever wondered why you were spared?" 

Sure she did. Doctors had dubbed the condtion as V-syndrome. Before doctors became savvy to the virus, several mothers-to-be were sucked dry from the inside. It didn't take long for doctors to become savvy to the situation. Now, any and all pregnancies suspected of carrying V-syndrome are aborted. Needless to say, Mina's mother suffered a terrible fate and she was reminded of it each time she looked in the mirror. It wasn't the kind of knowledge that was easy to live with.

Mina: Get out. Leave me alone." 

Greylin: "Soon, the darker side of your blood will try to take over. We must act before it does. Once you turn, we fear you will be useless to us." 

Mina: "Get. Out. Now." 

Greylin:  "The council will do everything within their power to change your mind. We're an impatient lot, we won't wait forever." 

He turned to leave.

Mina: "Actually, you can tell them to fuck off." 

He spun around, an evil grin spreading across his face. 

Greylin: "I can't wait to tell them your answer. I can only hope they will grant me the pleasure of making you come around to our way of thinking."

Without warning, he grabbed her by the throat and hauled her closer. His eyes searched hers out. Mina knew he planned on entrapping her mind. She clawed at his grip and kicked at his legs. He continued to squeeze her throat and she grew lightheaded. The room began to grow dark as spots swam before her eyes. 

With a last ditch effort, Mina clawed at his face. Her nails gouged at his eye and scraped his cheek. He pushed her away.

Greylin: "This really is such fun." 

Mina: "We'll see about that." 

She dove for the desk. Within seconds, her hand closed around the butt of the pistol nestled inside. He came for her again, this time knocking her to the ground. 

Mina hit the ground hard. Struggling to remain conscious, she desperately kicked out at him. His booted foot connected with her ribs and she cried out. Each time she raised the gun, he would either kick her hand away or step on it. He hit her several times. After a while, her mind kind of just tuned out.

Finally, and mercifully, it was over. Greylin stood and brushed off his jacket. 

Mina wobbled as she retrieved her gun. 

Greylin: "I will pay you another visit soon. It would be in your best interest to change your mind."

Mina: "Go to hell." 

But she wasn't sure that he heard her. He had already crossed the room and was heading toward the door. 

Mina wiped a free hand across her cloudy eyes and steadied the gun in her hand. She took aim and fired as smoothly as ever. Though her aim was usually dead on, tonight it was off by a few inches. The bullet bit into the vampire's left bicep instead of his head. He threw one last, angry look over his shoulder. 

Greylin: "I will repay you for this." 

Before she could think up a smart-assed remark, he was gone. 

After several tense moments had passed, she cleaned the small mess she and the vampire had made then locked the doors. All she wanted now was to go home and hide in bed for a few days. 

She hurried across the parking area. All the while keeping her eyes peeled for a nasty tempered vampire.
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