mantapanda (mantapanda) wrote in simssoap,

Community Sims Project would you be interested in Joining?

I got this idea from reading the many Prospertiy/Legacy Challenges and thought what if we made a prosperity challenge as a group each person could control a single family. But I wanted to do something different so I thought up why don't we use Teens as the main characters and blog about their lives in this town what they do at home, school and about.

If each person made their own character and made up their background and personality the town would be filled with interesting and unique characters.

Then each update one character could take the spot light and blog about what went on in their life and town. This way everyone would get a chance to write and a take to take a break from writing. The readers would also get a chance to know the character from their point of view.

Go here for more info plz

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