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Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

The Sims 2 Soap Opera Community

Sims 2 Soap Operas
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Before joining (or even touching your mouse, really) take a look at the info! I don't want any misposts just because you don't understand what this community is about.
In short, this community is not for general Sims stuff.

- Are you more fascinated about simulated drama than is probably healthy?
- Do you actually run a website for one, you freak?
- Do you constantly hit F4 when playing the Sims?
- Do you find yourself Googling for "Sims 2 stories" when you should actually work?
- Do you think making your sims' lives perfect is just ..boring?!

Great! -So do we!

Featured sites:

Some rules:
- We do love the Sims / Sims 2, but don't ask about tech stuff here. There are TONS of Sim communities, so why not to use the ones that were actually created for that?
- You don't always need to post pictures though. Questions ("What's your favourite soap?") and such are just as fine, as long as they are related!
- NO SPOILING! If you are going to post something revealing, please use the lj-cut with a proper warning.
- And about LJ-cuts in general: please use your head. If you don't know how, check the FAQ. If I could find it - you can.
- Advertising communities is FINE, as long as they are about the Sims. If you want us to join your rating community for cappucino lovers, I'll probably saw your head off and feed it to wild dogs. AND make a story about it.
- Sims or Sims 2? BOTH are perfectly okay.

What to post?
- It's PERFECTLY okay to advertise for your stories. One of the reasons this community was created is to make keeping track of new episodes etc easier.
- No website skills? Don't worry. You can post your episode here!
- Want feedback? Just ask! Polls are great too.

Already posting your stories regularly? Great! Read this:
- If you want your own section in the memories, just ask!
- If you want to be in the featured sites, just ask!
- If you want to be in the community interests, just ask!
- ALWAYS use the "episode number" in the subject line! It's simply impossible for me to keep up with the memories otherwise. I don't have the energy to count your past entries each time you post.
- Speaking of memories: if you have your own section, please check it out every so and then to make sure everything is working and so on.

Owned, moderated and all by cnnmn!
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